We really do deliver more than just smiles

Improving your smile will directly result in improved confidence

We really do deliver more than just smiles

We are sometimes given permission by our patients to record their reactions as they see  the final results of our work for the first time – the ‘big reveal’.  This is the moment that makes my job as an orthodontist worthwhile – seeing the final results of our hard work and more importantly seeing the emotion and realisation on our patients faces as they realise their lives will never be quite the same again.

Mel had always wanted straight teeth – and as you can see from her reaction in the video below, she was delighted (you could say totally gobsmacked) when her new smile was finally revealed.  

You’ll notice in the video that I don’t say very much. I think it’s best at times like these to sit back and let my patient take it all in. Mel hasn’t just had her teeth straightened – she’s had her life changed for the good.

‘It starts with a smile’ Survey

Many of our patients come to us because they are secretly embarrassed and insecure with having crooked, twisted or overlapping teeth. This can lead to deep ingrained issues of self-confidence and can often lead to problems in their everyday life. 

This was borne out in a recent survey of 2,000 people in the US which looked at the impact that straightening one’s teeth has on their overall confidence. The survey, commissioned by Invisalign and carried out by Harris Poll, looked at  the effect of  straight teeth on various  factors  including appearance, success and happiness.   

Now, I didn’t want this blog post to just be a summary of the survey results – the fact is that  many of the survey results were not a real surprise – for example 92% of those surveyed said that having straight teeth was important to their confidence.  

What was  interesting though, was the finding that teeth came second only to  weight  as an issue in which  people  continue to feel insecure. Other physical and personal characteristics were considered not as important including nose,  height and even your personality!

In the main, the results of the survey reaffirmed what I have already experienced and seen in my own patients – improving the state of your teeth and smile will directly result in improved confidence  and ultimately help in reducing any barriers to success in areas of  day-to-day life. These areas include job interviews, presentations at work, networking, public speaking and confidence in front of the camera.  

Our role as dental professionals

I think that as dental professionals, we can easily get caught up in the technology and various technical details of each treatment. Obviously these are extremely important and I have trained hard and gained many years experience as an Orthodontist. However, it’s at times like these ‘big reveals’  that we get to really appreciate how the work we carry out can really have a dramatic and positive affect on our patient’s lives.

We deliver more than just smiles

It’s important to recognise  the deeply held motivations of our prospective patients and appreciate that what we’re doing is more than just straightening their  teeth. Rather, we’re   helping our patients radically improve   the  perception they have of themselves, giving them the confidence to achieve more and ultimately help them grab more opportunities in their lives, both at work and at home.

So how do we deliver smiles? 

The first step is usually to arrange a free consultation with Stacey, our Treatment Co ordinator. She’ll run through the various treatment options and give you an idea of the costs as well as your finance options. You will also have the chance to meet our friendly team and ask any questions you may have. If you have any questions, please give our friendly team a call on 01332 299700 – we’d be more than happy to help.

I hope to meet you soon,

Dr Trishan Malhi (Kenny)

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