Spark Aligners


Spark Aligners have the versatility to address various teeth-straightening concerns, including spacing, crowding, overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, and more.

Spark Aligners are practically invisible when worn

Dr. Trishan Malhi is now offering Spark Aligners by Ormco, a key player in orthodontic innovation since 1960. With a strong focus on advancing digital orthodontics, Ormco has made significant contributions to the industry.

With insights gathered from orthodontic professionals worldwide, Spark Aligners provide a sophisticated clear aligner solution tailored to meet specific treatment goals.

Embraced by dentists globally, Spark Aligners effectively address various malocclusions like open bite, crossbite, deep bite, crowding, and more. Designed to handle even complex cases, Spark Aligners come with a detailed 3D simulation video for precise treatment planning and execution.

Spark patient cases