Patient Video Reviews

See what our patients have had to say
Anna … smizing

“When you’ve got a lovely smile, you smile with your eyes” – Tyra Banks – “America’s Next Top Model,”

An emotional Smile Reveal

“I’m so glad I’ve done it … I can’t believe they’re my teeth”  Teeth straightening  

Patient New Smile Reveal!

“They’re much better than I expected” – Teeth straightening patient

Invisalign Smile Reveal

“Thank-you – they’re so much straighter than I thought they’d be”  Invisalign patient  

The moment of truth

“Wow – that’s so nice!”  

Invisalign Treatment – Testimonial

“I’m very happy with my teeth now and I’m feeling more confident”   

Six Month Smiles – Patient Testimonial

“Kenny was the only consultant out of the 6 or 7 I went to who noticed I had an overbite which gave me a lot more confidence in his ability” – Six Months Smile Patient

The first reaction to her new smile

“Thank you – I can’t believe that I look completely different”   

Mat’s Invisalign treatment for his wedding

“Kenny was really friendly and talked me through all the options … now I’ve finished the treatment am really really happy with the treatment.” – Mat, Invisalign Patient 

Laura is delighted with her new smile

“I’m extremely happy with the results of my braces treatment … I’d recommend anyone to use Park Brace and Kenny . The quality of care is next to none and I’m really happy with my new smile”  Laura  

Alan’s story

“My teeth were wonky … Dr Malhi was able to sort them out in under a year. The staff were really welcoming … it was such a nice place to come to” –  Alan  

Chloe – Ceramic Fixed Braces

“Everything I’ve had done has been really  pain free and I’ve been overwhelmed with the results”  Chloe

Find out if you are a suitable candidate for braces

Derbyshire Cricketer, Chesney Hughes

Dr Malhi treated Chesney Hughes using the Damon Clear Brace System who was delighted with the results

“After meeting with Dr Malhi, he reassured me he could give me the smile I was after using the Damon Clear Brace system. He set out a 12 month plan, which I thought was an extremely short space of time and I have been delighted with the results. Dr Malhi and his staff were very helpful and welcoming. I was abit cautious about how the brace would look and whether it was going to be painful but it was never an issue as I could hardly see my brace when I smiled.” – Chesney Hughes

Rob’s video testimonial – Six Month Smiles

“I absolutely love my teeth – they are far better than how they looked before” – Rob, Patient for Six Month Smiles

Charlotte’s Six Month Smiles story

“I’m really happy with the outcome – it’s a great practice and I’m really glad I came here” – Charlotte, Patient 

Rachel’s Invisalign testimonial

” I am at the end of my Invisalign treatment now and I couldn’t be happier now with my smile. I feel like it has given me so much confidence and it is definitely the best thing I’ve done by far. I don’t regret it – the money is just irrelevant as it’s well worth it so if you are thinking about going for it, I’d recommend you go and see Dr Malhi – he’s an incredible dentist.” – Rachel, Invisalign Patient 

Incognito Braces testimonial

“For a number of years, I had been worried about my teeth continually crossing and it was just going to get worse in later life. I thought it would be a really expensive intrusive procedure to get them straightened but it has only taken 7 months and they have gone from teeth which were completely crossed over to a lovely set of straight teeth. I’m really pleased with how they’ve worked out and I’m looking forward to a lifetime of straight teeth. ”  Incognito Braces Patient  

Michelle, Invisalign Patient

“It’s been really good and I’m really impressed with the final result and I’d recommend this practice to anybody. ” – Michelle, Invisalign patient

Steve’s story

“I thought the Incognito system would suit me the most because it is hidden and I didn’t want to have an obvious brace on show” – Steve , Incognito brace (video taken from Incognito website)  

Irfan, Orthodontic Patient of Dr Malhi

“I was recommended to come here to seek orthodontic treatment by Dr Malhi and I would like to say it was the best choice I’ve made.” – Irfan, Patient of Dr Malhi

Agata, Patient of Dr Malhi

“I just got my braces out and I would like to say I’m really happy with the treatment I’ve received and the outcome because it has really added to my confidence and it has definitely been worth the money” –  Agata 

Neil Bagnall & Daughter Jodie

“Dr Malhi was very professional in the way he spoke to us and took us through everything step by step not using big words so we could understand everything that he meant. The staff here are amazing – absolutely brilliant and make you feel at ease. We’ve been really impressed” –  Neil Bagnall and daughter Jodie