Braces Cost & Price Guide

We also offer finance and payment plans

To provide an accurate quote for your braces, we require an initial consultation, so you can find out exactly what your orthodontic treatment will involve and how much it will cost.

<strong><a href="">TRADITIONAL FIXED BRACE</a></strong>
Fixed Brace – MetalFrom £2000from £3000
Fixed Brace – Clear/6monthsFrom £2600From £3600
Damon - MetalFrom £3200From £4600 – BOTH
Damon - ClearFrom £3600From £5650 – BOTH
Invisalign From £3850 to get brace made
Invisalign - 1 refinementFree
Invisalign - Additional refinements£500
Invisalign 7£1650 to make brace£2100 to make brace
Invisalign 14£2800 to make brace£3250 to make brace
Incognito LiteFrom £3500From £5000
Incognito FullFrom £4500From £7000

Free Consultation with our Treatment Coordinator

You can book a free initial consultation with our treatment coordinator, Stacey Bettney, who will be happy to run through the various options and treatments available.

Visit 1 (A payment of £330 is taken at this visit)

We will take photos, impressions for study models and take some x-rays of your teeth. You will also complete our consent form and any other paperwork required.

Visit 2

We will go through the written treatment plan and consent form. For Invisalign patients, we will look at the Clinicheck results. For Incognito braces, we will take impressions to send to Germany.

Visit 3

We will fit the brace and arrange for any subsequent appointments depending on your treatment plan.