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Neil Bagnall & Jodie

Dr Malhi was very professional in the way he spoke to us and took us through everything step by step not using big words so we could understand everything that he meant. The staff here are amazing - absolutely brilliant and make you feel at...

Charlotte – Six Month Smiles

The staff were really friendly - I used to hate coming to the dentist but I began to really look forward to the appointments to see what was going to happen next and how the treatment was progressing. The customer service was always really good...

Charlotte – Six Month Smiles

I was able to pay in monthly installments which was a good thing so there was no one off massive payment - I just paid off a little bit each time I came for an appointment so that worked really well. It was actually less...

Charlotte – Six Month Smiles

I came to see Dr Malhi because I wasn’t happy with my smile - it was always one tooth which was sticking out and I just hated my smile. Dr Malhi went through the different options available to me and he recommended the one which...

Rachel – Invisalign patient

I came to see Dr Malhi 2 years ago as I was getting married and wanted the perfect smile.  I am at the end of my Invisalign treatment now and I couldn’t be happier now with my smile. I feel like it has given me...

Patient – Incognito Braces

For a number of years, I had been worried about my teeth continually crossing and it was just going to get worse in later life. I thought it would be a really expensive intrusive procedure to get them straightened but it has only  taken 7...

Rob – Six Month Smiles

I originally wanted to have braces because I felt uncomfortable about how I looked and I was also uncomfortable generally - I didn’t feel right eating and smiling generally so that was the motivation to get my teeth done. They have looked after me fantastically...

Rob – Six Month Smiles

I absolutely love my teeth - they are far better than how they looked before. I am smiling with a lot more confidence and I’m more confident in how I speak to people in both my personal and professional life....

    FREE Open Day Consultations for Alignment Treatment

    We offer a free consultation with our treatment co-ordinator to discuss your teeth straightening options every Monday. For a limited period we are offering Free Whitening (worth £390) and Free Retainers normally priced at £160 per arch.

    You will get a chance to meet our team and ask any questions about the various treatments on offer

    You can tell us what your hopes are so we can advise on the best way to achieve them

    We will run through the various treatment options and what is involved

    We will discuss the finance options available to you including our interest free payment plans